Avoid The 2 Crippling Traps That Are Stealing Your Greatness Right Now

(PLUS Discover Where Happiness is Hiding)

Do you feel like nothing matters and despite your best efforts, each day passes you by with nothing to show for it? 

Do you feel like your daily grind is your personal prison? 

Are you bombarded by thoughts of dissatisfaction, disempowerment and plain old futility? 

Then you tell yourself, ‘this is normal, this is how life works, EVERYONE feels the same way’. Which is 100% true. At one point in EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S life they experience this soul smothering cycle. And that can feel good because it means you’re not the only one, but eventually it kicks you in the butt because, shouldn’t you expect more for yourself? 

And the short answer is YES! And you’re NOT ALONE. 

There are countless people, just like you, looking for meaning, fulfillment and HAPPINESS. The cold hard truth is IF you continue to fall prey to the 2 traps I’m about to reveal, then the promise of your greatness will continue to slip right through your fingers, let me explain… 

Do you constantly replay memories of your past…as if you’ve peaked and now there’s nothing left for you? 

Do you have no reason to get up in the morning, no reason to be grateful that you’re here – alive and kicking? 

That’s because you’ve been numbed by the trap of your PAST. 

The Past Trap

Your past is an important part of you, it’s what has formed you until this moment. HOWEVER, dwelling in your past is like standing in quicksand and it can and will swallow you whole. 

When you are constantly thinking about the past, you’re rejecting ALL ELSE. You’re making it impossible to accept anything new and putting yourself (you guessed it) – stuck in the mud.  

When you relive your past, you glorify it – maybe the things that weren’t that great become okay and the things that were good become amazing, but in reality, there’s a tendency to morph our memories into what you wished they really were. This makes anything (that’s NOT the past) terrible, awful and gloomy, because who can compete with our sense of glory days? 

When you take off the past’s rose-colored glasses, it’s easier to see clearly. You can appreciate where you’ve been and be thankful, AND you can also move forward and step into the life that is happening RIGHT NOW. 

Head in the Sand

Maybe you want to crawl back into bed as soon as your alarm goes off because you don’t want to SEE what the day will bring OR you just know deep in your gut nothing good is coming your way… 

That’s because you’re being haunted by the GHOSTS OF YOUR FUTURE. 

The future can be a land of EVERYTHING or an abyss of NOTHING, either way it’s filled with our enemy…the dreaded question mark of NOT KNOWING. 

When you allow your mind to focus on the future, it immediately responds with FEAR. Fear of what might happen, fear of what could happen, fear of what won’t happen. You can form a lot of scary pictures when you’re creating from the possibility of everything and the knowledge of nothing. 

This fear will stop you dead in your tracks and straight-up block you from moving in any direction. The mind is too powerful with imagination, it CAN and WILL create your worst nightmares anytime you relinquish your thoughts to the future. 

When you step back from indulging your future thoughts, you take back your mind power and put it to use for you right here and RIGHT NOW. 

Let’s face it… 

We’re all living like zombies with our minds racing between the glory or pain of our past and the fear of annihilation in our future and we’re missing IT…we’re missing LIFE. 

BUT do you know what lies right square in the middle of the PAST TRAP and the FUTURE GHOSTS? 


Yes actual, fulfilling ‘experiencing the world’ kind of life. That’s the sweet spot and that’s exactly where Happiness LIVES. 

Here’s the deal… 

Happiness (despite what you’ve been told) is not an elusive impossible thing to experience in your EVERY DAY LIFE! It’s just hiding on you in the NOW. 

So Where Is Happiness Hiding?

The NOW is exactly what it sounds like, this exact moment in time…the present. It’s not a memory that has been adjusted by your melancholy emotions, it’s not a premonition fed by the fear of the unknown – it’s the true reality of your very existence. The NOW is all you have. Think about it, IF anything can happen at ANY moment – then ALL YOU HAVE IS NOW. So doesn’t it make sense to escape the 2 traps of the past and future so you can live here? 

Let’s be clear – it sounds easy, but HOW do you live in the NOW? It’s important to find a simple, fast process so you’re not wasting your precious time with guesswork and inconsistent results. 

Living in the NOW means choosing freedom, confidence and control. You gain a mental clarity, when you let go of your trappings and allow yourself to simply BECOME. Say goodbye to being bogged down with the weight of the unknown and release the pressures of expectations from your personal history. There’s no stress here in the NOW – there IS only OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity to instantly create WHAT YOU WANT. 


When You Live in the NOW You Feel...

  • Empowered 
  • Clear Vision/Mind Clarity - You can finally see what's right in this moment. 
  • Connection to Universal Power - A huge feeling of understanding on a larger scale. 
  • Revived Energy – Because you are finally free. 
  • Self-Expansion 
  • Living In The Flow – No more feeling like you're fighting a losing battle with the world. 
  • The Power to Create, Change & Re-create as You Wish 
  • Amazing Relief of Letting Go – You’ve escaped the 2 traps, congratulations! 
  • Connection to Yourself, Your Friends, Family, Co-workers, etc. 
  • Inner YES 
  • Happiness – I told you it was here ;)

And the list goes on and on... 

That’s exactly WHY I created Unlock the Power of NOW

This is my 3 part formula designed to tap you into your source of infinite creation which is (you guessed it) in the NOW. Discover how to continuously attain that magic spot of ‘the moment’, where all possibilities exist and say goodbye to the restraints of your past and the anonymous ghosts of your future. 

In Unlock the Power of NOW, I'll walk you through the 3 steps to quickly and easily bring your mind into the present moment, forgetting your problems and struggles and creating positive feelings that act as a springboard to manifest what you desire.

The core of the program is captured on 5 videos and audios which I have made available for instant download as MP4 and MP3 files. In addition to the videos and audios, you also get a written PDF transcript of the complete program. Every word is written down, making it easy for you to reference and review at any time. You can print out the transcripts, read and re-read them and highlight the parts that stand out for you. 

I've even included a special Challenges section that faces head on any speed bumps along the way, ensuring your ability to not only be in the NOW, but stay here.  

Everything you need to Unlock the Power of NOW is explained in an easy, step by step way. There is nothing complicated or difficult about this. You’ll know exactly what to do PLUS It doesn’t take long to master this process. That’s one of the benefits - you can put this system to use TODAY...

Claim Your Freedom

It's time to claim your freedom.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you’ve unlocked the shackles of your past and are released from the shadows of your future. Any limitations will be crushed and you’ll no longer feel at the whim of the world around you. Unlock the Power of NOW will quiet the voices of everyone else (society, parents, boss, etc.) so your clear inner voice can speak to you and better than that, direct you with a ‘don’t stop til you’ve hit happiness’ energy. 

You’ll feel lighter without the weight of the world on your shoulders and you’ll tap into that intuition that KNOWS what the right answers are, no more guessing, doubting, feeling guilty – you’re officially released from the natural struggle that exists when you are stuck in the past and future. 

Unlock the Power of NOW is your key to finally saying ‘this is MY TIME’. 

Bonus #1

The Power of Infinite Creation Cards

The Infinite Creation Cards are your 'quick fix' reminders. Print them out and put them in your desk at work, in your car, even in your wallet and pull them out anytime you need to lock back into the NOW. These are one of my favorite tools and I have them all over my house and office!

Bonus #2

The Power of Thought

This 45 minute audio digs deep into the unquestionable impact of our thoughts. Discover the Thought/Creation Cycle and learn HOW to spin it in your favor. With this Bonus in your corner you'll enhance your manifestation power ten-fold.

Bonus #3

The Power of Focus

In this 30 minute audio, I talk about the twin relationship between your story and your results. I also reveal the Interpretation Theory. IF you've ever wanted to change the story you're telling AND living, this Bonus is the KEY.

Bonus #4

The Power of Expectation

Explore the Negative/Positive Expectation Duality in this 23 minute audio. With this Bonus you'll learn HOW TO flip the switch and turn on Positive Expectation in an instant.

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What People Are Saying...

"Everything we've done so far in your NOW program has already paid off in spades...

"Hi beautiful Kristen! We couldn't be more grateful for all the guidance and support you've given us. Everything we've done so far in your NOW program has already paid off in spades. Not only is our financial situation vastly improving, but so is our outlook. Thanks to you, our positivity is much easier to maintain. We just couldn't be more grateful to you!!!"  

- Eden W.

"This is not only changing my life. But the life of so many others...

"Thank you a million times over for this! Truly grateful to you. This is not only changing my life. But the life of so many others. Truly marvelous!" 

- Luis.

"I love your Unlock the Power of NOW...

"Hi Kristen – I love your Unlock the Power of NOW! You are a brilliant teacher and your succinct message unlocked many blocks. Over the weekend I have kept in the present and pulling myself back to 'Now' and have been amazed at how much happier I feel, and the huge jump in my energy. Many thanks!" 

- Jaqui S. 

My 100% No Questions Asked - 2 Months Free - Guarantee

My guarantee is simple. Take the program for a spin and discover my secrets for living in the NOW. Put them to use and actually see results BEFORE you commit to keeping it. You have 2 whole months (60 days) to be absolutely convinced or email my customer support team and I’ll refund every penny you paid. No Hassle and No Questions Asked. 

A Rock And A Hard Place

IF you're all out exhausted from waffling between the unchangeable past and the unpredictable future...

IF you're trapped in a success strait-jacket because you KNOW deep inside that your obsessive fears about the future are EXACTLY what's holding you back from the life you were born to live... 

IF you’re tortured by the feeling that your own life is passing you by...

THEN the truth is...

You don’t have to be stuck between a rock (your past) and a hard place (your future) anymore. 

Finally put an end to struggle, doubt and relentless worry - free yourself by being in the NOW starting (yes – you know when)…RIGHT NOW. 

These feelings and experiences are precisely what Unlock the Power of NOW crushes out of your existence. And I’m here to tell you - YOU'RE WORTH IT. You've wanted a simple system to quickly drop into the NOW and here it is - Click the button below and Unlock Your Power of NOW...