Direct Access Coaching with Kristen

Over the past twenty years as a High Impact, Focus Mastery Coach in high-demand, I can help you accelerate to the next level and consistently stack successes without sacrificing your happiness!

Every person who wants to live a
High Impact Life needs a coach.

Behind every success story there is a coach…

Just as a professional athlete relies on coaches to provide the insights, objectivity and focus that puts them at the top of their game, every person needs the same advantage to live their highest impact life. When you realize you are a “life athlete”, you immediately know you need a coach.

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it’s hard to keep yourself accountable. There’s nothing wrong with you, accountability works, but it’s nearly impossible to do by yourself. And, having your friends and family hold you accountable puts a damaging strain on your relationships. 

Because when you want a life without limits, it’s hard to find people who share your vision. Finding someone who’s “only agenda is your agenda” is vital to your success.

Because getting advice from people who haven’t been where you want to go only leads to frustration and dead ends. And not having someone who has been there leaves you lost and confused when you get off track.

Does this sound familiar?

“When it comes to bang for buck, Kristen Howe delivers over and above every single time. If you’re looking for an amazing coach, to help you Go Big, and beyond where you can even imagine, look no further!”

Lofty Fulton
(Author “Lofty My Life in Short A Memoir” and Acclaimed International Voice Over Artist)

“I’m blown away by the transformation taking place, and how my business is starting to really shape as I’ve gotten really clear and really set my focus. I know that you’ve got my back and I am so grateful to know that you’re there. You’re an incredible coach, you’re an incredible woman. I love the way you show up in the world, you are so radically authentic. I had no idea that as I transformed my business my entire human was going to go through a complete transformation as well. I think you already knew that was going to happen. You have guided me through some pretty interesting stuff in up-leveling myself and my life and my thoughts, in the way I’m living, in the way I’m showing up in the world. So thank you. Thanks for being you and thanks for being on my team.”

Lisa Wilson
(Owner R.A.Y. Radically Authentic You)

“Kristen Howe is an amazing coach, I’ve been learning so much from her. I signed up for her Inner Circle, and it’s just amazing how much I can get from our communication. I want to encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kristen, especially on
the Inner Circle Level to go for it!”

Joe Mitchell

“As a self-proclaimed, self-improvement connoisseur, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars purchasing programs to both increase my understanding and improve my toolbox as a coach. When you have been doing this as long as I have, you find a few treasures, and Kristen Howe is truly one of those treasures. Her authenticity, transparency and down to earth approach makes learning easy and fun. She has a zest for life and an infectious personality that really draws you in. What I love most is that she is real. If you want to learn how the smallest improvements can make all the difference, Kristen is your gal. Through Kristen’s tutelage both working with her personally in the VIP Coaching Program and through her Go Big Coach programs I have gained the clarity and confidence to step into my power and realize my dream of becoming a published author. If you are willing to be willing to change your life, Kristen will lead you to the understanding you need to take those next smallest steps to make a quantum leap. Thank you, Kristen, for being the authentic person you are and showing me that it’s okay to be human.”

April M. Davis
(Author of "The Adventures of Not Me"

Which type of coaching is right for you? 

One-on-One Virtual Coaching

It doesn't get any better than this...
Get personalized strategies, feedback and Action Roadmaps when we get on the phone together, twice a month, to get you to the next level and beyond!


Inner Circle Platinum Coaching 

Create Next-Level Living with high impact habits and mindset cultivation with me personally by your side, every single week! 

VIP Group Coaching

Learn how to master the focus, mindset and habits you MUST have to take your life to the next level and beyond!

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, limitations, and overwhelm of going it alone?