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5 Minute
Focus Boost
F.A.S.T. Method

Your Personal Guide to Focus Mastery for accelerated success. Discover how to quickly get to the next level & stack successes from there.


90 Day
with the Masters

Train with the best! Take the guesswork out of the manifestation equation, with proven strategies, exercises and tips from global manifesting experts.

Ready, Aim, Success System

Use ‘Success Targeting” to finally convert your goals into reality. No matter how stuck you’ve been.

Attract Money Fast - 7 Days to Daily Manifesting

Discover the hidden "formula"
that magnetizes money and puts an end to the painful limiting beliefs that have plagued you all your life.

The Prosperity Pyramid

Learn how to place your order with the Universe and receive what you order 100% of the time.

Unlock the Power of NOW

Discover the simple 3 Part Formula that connects you to your infinite source of creation where ALL possibilities exist for you.

Strategies Of Success -
Core Habit Transformation System

Quickly unlock your greatness by transforming the 6 Core Habits of Failure into the 6 Core Habits of Success.

The NEW Message of a Master

Tilt the "Secret" power of these (little known) 16 Universal Laws In your favor, reverse the flow from lack to abundance and manifest the life you were born to live.

52 Empowerment Tips

Harness the power of Kaizen with this special book that takes you by the hand and gives you a simple and specific focus every week to guarantee 365% Transformation (a year’s worth of growth in bite-sized pieces).

“Kristen, I started using the 'Attract Money Fast - 7 Days to Daily Manifesting' Program in the last week of February. At that time I was in retail sales; in March my sales doubled! In April, I applied for an open position in business sales with my company, over the month and the first half of May; I kept doing the daily steps and kept positive thoughts and had confidence that amazed me! I got the job, no I got a great new career that DOUBLED by income!!! I love the 7 Day program! The gratitude list is awesome, right now mine is 6 pages long and I change, delete, and add to it daily. The 7 Day program absolutely rocks! I love the Intention Statement, Gratitude List, Connection Path, Morning Statements and the Daily ending rituals. Kristen, I cannot thank you enough! You my friend are amazing and you absolutely ROCK! Thank you so much!”

Gene M.

“Hi beautiful Kristen! We couldn't be more grateful for all the guidance and support you've given us. Everything we've done so far in your 'Unlock the Power of NOW' program has already paid off in spades. Not only is our financial situation vastly improving, but so is our outlook. Thanks to you, our positivity is much easier to maintain. We just couldn't be more grateful to you!”

Eden W.

“One question at a time, one action at a time, one minute at a time, the 5 Minute Focus Boost program has given me concrete practices and actions that have helped me set clearer intentions, commit to and actually achieve my goals, and have not just success, but renewed energy and enthusiasm in my work and personal life. 

Running my own private consultancy and working with different non-profit companies that focus on fighting for social and environmental justice, while rewarding, many times leaves me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 5 Minute Focus Boost provided me with simple tools and techniques that I can use right away, and then return to over and over. 

Some of the most powerful techniques have helped me transform what I had been perceiving as intractable problems into new solutions that have given me greater clarity and energy. I am so grateful to Kristen and the 5 Minute Focus Boost for helping me recharge and recommit! ”

Dr. Simona Perry
Founder & Director, c.a.s.e. Consulting Services, and Communications & Impact Coordinator, Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network

“We did the 'Ready Aim Success' program over the holidays last year and really hit the ground running. We set what we thought were pretty high goals, compared to where we had been in the past, but that would represent the next level for us. We not only hit our first quarter goal, we came close to hitting three quarters goals in the first quarter. We are close to hitting the year goal after just five months.”

Charles C.

“Hi Kristen, I'm hugely impressed by your integrity, your sincerity and your materials (and I'm pretty hard to impress), so I've been buying and following your programs for a while. I started 'The Prosperity Pyramid' program a couple of weeks ago - and the big news - today I was given an unexpected enormous raise at work - almost 10% (and really - who gets a 10% raise these days?). Coincidence? I don't think so. Thanks so much for being such a big part of my successes and wins!”

Jon C.

“Thank you for being the awesome coach you are and the difference you are making in our lives. Your generosity of spirit is AMAZING! The '90 Day Manifesting with the Masters' program, truly underlines how selfless you are. To anyone who hasn’t taken advantage of this incredible series, I say, do yourself a favour and grab it with both hands next time it comes around!”

Lofty F.

“Thank you for your inspirational 'The New Message of a Master' program. You are so generous with your time and I love your passion for helping people to become the amazing people that they can be. Due to the exercises, mp3's and your videos, my focus changed from desperately wanting to manifest money to leave work due to debilitating health issues, to examining what I was grateful for in my life and what I was really successful at. After doing the various exercises I came up with what I wanted to do. My 'purpose in life.' I am now on my right path and my health, after many decades is improving. I no longer 'worry' about money. It 'turns up' when I need it because the worry is not pushing that energy away. Without your program, I would either have not found what I was looking for, or it would have taken so much longer. So, I thank you for all you have done to chisel my focus, to not let me lose confidence when I was ill and to keep me positive and excited about my life. May you continue to be blessed as you help more and more great people to become their greatest!”

Christine S.

“GRATITUDE, gratitude gratitude to you for this mind blowing and eye opening '52 Empowerment Tips', indeed this is a wealth of knowledge!”

Mark K.

“Hello Kristen, I wanted to let you know that after taking your 'Strategies of Success: Core Habit Transformation' course I saw results right away. I have tried many courses with little results, yours helped my see wonderful results. I hate to use this term but it was almost magical. I can’t wait for what the future brings. I am writing this while vacationing in South America over the holidays (before never possible), I could go on and on - Kristen you are the real deal! Thank you!”

Steve D.

“Kristen has helped me more than she will ever know just by doing what she does best...she takes a situation and makes it simple...I could never repay the golden nuggets I have already received from her wise counsel.  Just want to say, Kristen, I am just one person you have helped.  May you be as blessed as you have shown me I am.”

C. Saint Lewis